New Holland Unveils the T7.300 Long Wheelbase Tractor: Enhanced Perfor

New Holland Unveils the T7.300 Long Wheelbase Tractor: Enhanced Performance and Versatility

New Holland has unveiled its latest addition to the T7 tractor series, the T7.300 Long Wheelbase (LWB), designed to pack a powerful punch in a compact frame. This innovation addresses the demand for increased power without sacrificing maneuverability or adding bulk. Oscar Baroncelli, New Holland's head of tractors, shared, "Our customers told us they wanted a tractor with more power without the downside of bigger frames and more weight, and they didn't want to sacrifice maneuverability."

The T7.300 LWB boasts a weight of approximately 20,000 pounds and is equipped with a robust FPT Industrial NEF 6 engine, sourced from New Holland's larger T7 Heavy Duty tractor. This powerhouse can deliver up to 300 hp. for PTO jobs and 280 hp. for draft work. An Electronic Variable Geometry Turbo feature ensures optimal torque and fuel efficiency at lower RPMs.

What sets this tractor apart is its four-range Auto Command Transmission, offering seamless shifting between mechanical ranges for efficient power transfer to the wheels. Ken Paul, New Holland's marketing manager, highlights the tractor's unique mechanical efficiency, providing three field speeds and one transport speed.

Enhanced traction and reduced soil compaction are achieved through large 6.7-foot diameter tires. Axles have been upgraded for durability, with an optional larger axle option, boasting 12.5% greater carrying capacity for heavier implements or front-end loaders.

The T7.300 LWB is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including the Tractor Implement Management system and Intelliturn for improved fuel efficiency and steering automation. Additionally, buyers receive five years of New Holland's telematics for free.

The spacious and quiet Horizon Ultra cab offers a comfortable ride with active electro-hydraulic suspension, while new features like high-flow electro-hydraulic remotes and a streamlined hydraulic circuit enhance operational efficiency. New Holland has once again delivered a tractor that blends power, precision, and comfort for farmers seeking top-tier performance in a compact package.


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