New Holland Unveils "Pioneering" Electric Utility Tractor with Autonom

New Holland Unveils "Pioneering" Electric Utility Tractor with Autonomous Advancements

New Holland is set to revolutionize the agricultural and municipal utility equipment market with its groundbreaking T4 Electric tractor. Unveiled at the Farm Progress event, this innovative machine is not only electric but boasts smart autonomous features, making it a true industry pioneer.

Under its sleek exterior, the T4 Electric houses a 110-kWh lithium-ion battery pack paired with a fully electrified drivetrain, delivering 74 horsepower and 65 horsepower for power take-off (PTO) tasks. What sets it apart, however, is the integration of advanced autonomous features like Follow Me Mode, the Invisible Bucket, and 360 Degree Awareness. These functions, controlled through a touchscreen display in the cab, enhance both performance and safety, catering to a wide range of applications beyond farming.

The T4 Electric Power offers four-wheel drive, a 12x12 transmission, and a clutch-less electronic power shuttle reverser. It provides all the traditional power outputs of a diesel utility tractor, including rear electro-hydraulic PTO, drawbar, and more. The tractor's quiet electric motor is especially advantageous in noise-sensitive environments, such as equestrian barns and college campuses.

Moreover, its impressive 4-hour runtime under typical use or 8 working hours for low energy demand applications, combined with flexible charging options, including solar panels and wind power, makes it a sustainable choice. Additionally, the tractor can act as a power source for other devices, thanks to its Exportable Power feature.

Beyond its innovative features, the T4 Electric Power sports a distinctive Clean Blue paint scheme and modern design elements, including LED headlights. This tractor is set to redefine operator comfort with its in-cab ergonomics and advanced digital instrument cluster. North American dealers are slated to receive this game-changing tractor in early 2024. New Holland's T4 Electric is not just a tractor; it's a glimpse into the future of utility vehicles.


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