Enhancements and Innovations in Kubota's M7 Series Tractors

Enhancements and Innovations in Kubota's M7 Series Tractors

Kubota is ushering in a new era of agricultural excellence with its M7-4 Series tractors, which maintain the same horsepower range of 128 to 168 hp while introducing a host of quality-of-life upgrades compared to their predecessors.

The M7-4 Series includes three impressive models: the M7-134, M7-154, and M7-174, each available in three versatile configurations - Deluxe, Premium, and Premium KVT. Morgan Ludwig, Kubota's Livestock Tractor Product Manager, excitedly notes, "This new generation matches the performance that customers know to be true of Kubota and the existing M7 but uplevels the operator experience with adjustments to comfort and new features for productivity."

Under the hood, these tractors boast Kubota's four-cylinder, direct injection, intercooler turbocharged, water-cooled diesel engine - a powerhouse of efficiency and reliability.

A standout feature is the LM2606 front loader with an impressive 167-inch lifting height, 96-inch bucket, and a maximum load capacity of 5,776 pounds. The Deluxe configurations are equipped with a multi-function joystick that streamlines operations, making work more efficient.

Operator comfort is a top priority, with Multi-Speed Steering Control across all models and an automatic HVAC system in the Premium and KVT configurations. Owners can choose between mechanical or air suspension and enjoy the standard air-ride equipped seat for a smoother ride.

The Fuel and DEF tank redesign incorporates integrated steps, allowing for extended work time between refueling stops. These models feature a capacious 87-gallon fuel tank and a 10-gallon DEF tank.

Premium and KVT configurations come standard with LED lights and electric heated side mirrors, further enhancing functionality and convenience. These Kubota M7-4 tractors are designed to meet the diverse needs of agriculture, from hay operations to loader work and small- to mid-sized row crop farming, making them a valuable addition to the Kubota ag tractor family.


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