Goose Dream Interpretation


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What does a goose symbolize? What does it mean to dream about being chased by a goose? Dreams about goose generally give information about people around you. These people are those who plan to use you financially by making them feel like they are friends to you. You can read the rest of the text to learn more about goose dream meaning.

Goose Dream Meaning

A goose in a dream is a representation of hypocritical, manipulative, and selfish people. It points out that a person who has a goose in a dream is well-intentioned and honest, but that some people around use him or her for their interests and appear to be friendly. A baby goose in the dream signifies that you will cope with big tasks, get the support of your family. It also implies that you will not suffer financially.

Being Chased By A Goose

Being chased by a goose in the dream indicates negative developments, falling into difficulty, and distress. It indicates that people who are chased by a goose in a dream will fall into a bad situation, will be in trouble, and will have to flee or hide to reach salvation. Visit “Being Chased Dream Interpretation.”

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Being Bitten By A Goose

A goose bite in a dream is an indication of earnings, goodness, benefits, and wealth. It indicates that you will get financial gain with the support of one.

Shooting A Goose

Shooting a goose is a symbol of wishes, success, wealth, and abundance. People who shoot the goose will go on the way of their work, achieve success and goals, and start earning more. It means that you will meet your expectations, enter a productive period, and your future will be bright.

Killing A Goose

Killing a goose in a dream indicates negative situations and mistakes. It indicates that you should think twice before doing something, because you may do things that you should not do.

Goose Meat

Goose meat in the dream is a symbol of people who are dangerous and cannot be trusted. It points out that people who see goose meat in a dream will be betrayed by someone they trust and will experience things they do not expect.

Goose Feather

Goose feather in the dream is an indication of positive developments, changes, innovations, success, and fortune. You will enter a new period both in business and social life make and start a new job, or move to another place. It also points to meeting a new person that will be your love or to marriage with the support of your loved ones.

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