Wheel Dream Interpretation


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What do wheels symbolize? What does it mean when you dream of changing your car’s wheels? In the dream, a wheel is representative of life energy and motivation. At the same time, it is a symbol of all the tools and equipment that we will use to reach our goals and of all the journeys that we make. Wheels also are the symbol of changes in any part of our lives. In short, wheels can be representative of anything that will take us from place to place. Let’s look at the dream meaning of wheels in the text below.

Wheel Dream Meaning

Wheels are representative of the movement mechanism in one’s life. Flat tires point to pauses and obstacles in one’s life, while smooth and new tires represent inspiration, regained motivation, and a desire for progress. Wheels in good condition indicate excess energy and motivation. Also, the wheels are an indication of change. They can be a symbol of time for a person to move from place to place, sometimes changing jobs, or moving from one house to another. Therefore, new wheels indicate that this transition time will be easy, and flat tires indicate that this transition will be delayed or not possible for the time being. If you see that your car has no wheel, it is a sign of a huge mistake or failure. In a dream, the wheel is sometimes about the appearance of well-intentioned people who will take us from one place to another or cause us to have a job.

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Dreams About Wheels

A Car Without Wheels

A car without wheels in the dream is about that it is not possible to change, travel, or move from one place to another. This dream reminds us that there is a problem that needs to be solved before this change. If you want to advance in life, you must first overcome some obstacles. This dream means reluctance and a lack of motivation for some. Advancing in life is possible only when a person wants and is willing to move forward. Perhaps you do not want to go to a new place or make a journey.

Dream About Changing Car Wheel

Changing A Car Wheel

Changing car wheels is about preparing for the journey, making final preparations before the trip, eliminating the last problems and overcoming the last obstacles before moving. Sometimes, this dream can be seen before changing the job, and you make the final preparations for the new job. You can also look at “Car Dream Meaning“.

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