Time Travel Dream Interpretation


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What does time travel in the dream mean? Traveling in time in a dream means doing good deeds and getting paid for it. You can make the right choices for a happy life. These days confusion ends, and everything becomes crystal clear. Now you can better know what you want. Let’s look at the dream meaning of time travel. 

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Time Travel Dream Meaning

Seeing that you travel in time in a dream means considering the past experiences, making predictions for the future, and making the right choices. In this way, you can make the right decisions, and the choices made do not cause regret. On the contrary, you can be happy after every decision you make. There is no regret and in the future. It also is a sign of more money you will earn. For example, investments in business life can bring big gains in the future. Success can be achieved with the strategies and risks taken.

Time Travel To Future

It means that you will receive news that you will enjoy, create a new friendly environment with people you will soon meet, and not feel lonely anymore. Soon, permanent friendships can be established.

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Time Travel To Past

It means that mistakes made in the past will be compensated, and you will benefit from your experience now. Traveling to the past in the dream is also interpreted as being with people you have not seen for a long time.

Going From Future To Past

It is interpreted that your ex-lover or someone you has been offended in the past wan to talk to you, and this person also wants to be in your life again. Maybe it can be someone who admits he’s wronged and begs forgiveness.

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Seeing Yourself In The Past

Seeing yourself in the past during time travel means focusing on success and making progress with each passing day. It also points out to be more successful and no regrets than in the past.

Going to The Past and Tell The Future

It is interpreted that you will get the news that has been expected for a while. People you have not seen for a long time can enter your life again, and friendships can be established again.

Seeing A Time Machine

Seeing a time machine is a kind of warning message that you should be careful about people around you because some people may disappoint you. You may experience the same situations as when people treated you unfairly before.

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