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What does it mean when you see a child in your dream? What does it mean when you dream of a child’s death? Every child in a dream is a symbol of an area in one’s life. A child can sometimes be newly discovered abilities, new decisions, or even new emotions. They give us clues about these processes and beginnings, according to their health conditions, their clothes, their behaviors, and situations. Let’s look at the dream meaning of a child.

Child Dream Meaning

The child is the representative of unfinished processes, new decisions, and innovations. In dreams about a child, you need to pay attention to the age of the child, because it is a code that tells us when this process started. Besides, the condition of the child represents the state of this new process. A 3-year-old is a representative of a process that began three years ago in real life. A healthy child is a sign of trouble-free processes, and a sick child is a sign of problematic processes.

Being A Child

Being a child when you are an adult is about returning to a process, trying something again, or discovering something that has not been discovered before. People who have this dream either make another experiment on a subject that you have not tried before or have0 to return to the past on a subject.

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The Death Of Your Child

The death of the child in the dream is one of the most feared dreams of parents. Seeing your child’s death indicates that a process for your child is closed, it will be impossible to return the beginning. Usually, a page closes on a topic of interest to the child. Also, it means that it may be the beginning of a new process like education for your child.

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Breastfeeding A Child

Breastfeeding a child in a dream is to do a useful thing for the benefit of society. Breastfeeding someone’s child is an indication of helping someone in a beginner process. If a man has this dream, he will help or guide a new friend.

Dreams About A Boy or Girl

A boy is a representative of a process initiated by a man who has the financial power to do. If the child is a girl, it can be about the energy or management of woman domination in this process. In short, in a dream, a boy is about a man control, while a girl is about woman management.

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Losing A Child

Losing a child in a dream is to lose control over a new process. You will lose your control on some issues related to your child.

Finding A Child

Finding a child in a dream is taking a job or dealing with a project or task that is given to it. Finding a newborn child is about taking on a new task or responsibility. Finding a 1-year-old child is a process that starts one year ago. Or, it can mean continuing a job that someone started.

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Killing A Child

Killing a child is ending a process that has just begun. The person who kills children is also the person who uses his or her authority or power to end a process.

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