Carpet Dream Interpretation


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What does a carpet symbolize? What does sitting on a carpet in your dream indicate? Seeing a carpet in any place in the dream indicates to gaining more, having a comfortable life, and making investments. So, it shortly means that your works will go well, you will get rich, your future will be bright, you will live a long life. Let’s look at a carpet dream meaning in the text below.

Carpet Dream Meaning

A carpet in a dream is an indication of goodness, comfort, wealth, and abundance. It indicates that the person who sees the carpet will never suffer financially, his / her life will be comfortable, the problems will be gone, and meet people who have financially good conditions. Therefore, the carpet means that you will earn more and have a life you want. Moreover, a green carpet in the dream indicates wealth, happiness, and good developments. It points out that the person who sees the green carpet will get rich and will be away from the problems.

Walking On A Carpet

Walking on a carpet in the dream is a sign of good fortune, luck, happiness, and peace. All these signs are related to decisions and change. Decisions you will make in the future will bring you luck, and your life will change. It also is an indication of wealth and money. If you see that you walk on a carpet in any place, it means that you will be away from problems or troubles and will live in comfort.

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Sitting On A Carpet

Sitting on a carpet is an indication of having authority and positive developments. It signifies that the person who sits on the carpet will move in the direction she or he wants, will be successful in business life and will rise to a high position. However, if you someone who sits on a carpet in any place, it then is an indication of a tendency to make mistakes and negative behaviors which bother people around you.

An Old Carpet In A Dream

Seeing an old carpet in poor condition indicates distress and difficulty. It points out that the person who sees an old and bad-looking carpet in the dream will not go on his / her way, will remain in a financially difficult situation and deal with the problems of livelihood. Also, it means that the person who sees an old carpet will have tough times and will have financial problems.

A Patterned Carpet

Seeing a carpet with flowers or other patterns in the dream indicates goodness, profit, and wealth. It indicates that a person who sees a patterned carpet will earn more money than before. So, you may change your lifestyle, you can move to a big house, or buy a car, that you did not afford to buy it before.

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Wiping A Carpet

Wiping a carpet is not one of the common dreams actually. For some, it indicates that your life will be easier and get the comfort you want. You will be rich and meet people whose life quality is high. For a single person, it can be a sign of marriage.

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